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The whole body of the cigarette case is dark purple, with fine grain lines, and a leather-like texture. The first impression it gives is that it is calm, heavy and deep. He's packaging is stylish, classic and fusion. The packaging is made of luxurious and heavy dark purple with a bright stripe. The laser beam paper and the Palace of Supreme Harmony embossed, reflecting the brand's noble temperament. The cigarettes are all white, supplemented by two golden hoops and two rows of small holes, exuding the charm of imitating mixed type and exuding a touch of tobacco. Taking a closer look, the tobacco stem contains a lot, after all, it is 8mg. Light it up and take a sip, and the smoke comes in through your lips like a flower in the mist, which is more comfortable. Unassuming, but rather refined, first slowly and powerfully wrap the tongue, and then firmly embrace the taste buds, overflowing with a thick and slightly bitter taste. The lower throat has a certain impact, and the nose is slightly dry and prickly. The outer packaging is magnificent, the diamond brand's LOG design shines brightly, and the changing angle is even more brilliant. White is the main color and blue is the secondary color, showing the high-end atmosphere just right. The coke content of the blue package is 10mg, which is 2mg higher than that of the yellow package. The intimate coke-containing design is formulated to meet the needs of different smokers. Its taste is mellow and delicate, and the aftertaste is pure and healthy, making it a premium product of mid-range cigarettes. The first thing you smell when you open the package is the strong smell of tobacco, and then you smell it deeply, and you smell a faint scent of alcohol; I like this smell very much; lighting and smoking: rich and plump smoke, mellow taste, pure smoke, The smoke is natural and not choking, not spicy and tasteless; the strength is moderate; the silver filter is also very beautiful and simple. Its packaging adopts the main tone of silver-gray bag, the surface is specially treated, the pattern is simple, and the printing is exquisite. Baisha Silver World makes you feel a kind of mellow, elegant and free flying. The world of silver, romantic feelings Marlboro Cigarettes, and fashion style are all in the "Baisha Silver World". The packaging is very machine-like, and it should be more difficult to counterfeit Newport Cigarettes. The cigarettes are all white Cigarettes For Sale. Of course, the color of the cigarette holder is slightly grayish. It was already very fashionable at the time!
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Cheap Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping

Marlboro Cigarettes

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